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List as Input

Whenever you want to generate the input based on some predefined value such as list of values, you may that approach and convert any List<T> into a stream with corresponding type T. The main difference between List as Input and input as function is that all values are available at the time the stream starts, but not being evaluated.

You can convert any List<T> to FiniteStream<T> by simply calling input() function of the list:

listOf(1, 2, 3).input()

// or something more complex

(0..44100).map { sin(44100.0 / it) }.input()

The important thing that the stream created is finite. If you want to convert it into infinite one, consider using converter.

It’s important to remember, that list is being evaluated before the stream itself and in case of distributed executions the result should be propagated across all executors, so being lean about using such inputs is essential.