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Getting started

It’s important to understand how you’re about to use the WaveBeans, however if you’re new to the tool the easiest way would be to use command line tool which provides comprehensive interface to the functionality and allows start working as soon as possible without deep dive.


Overall all you need is to have JRE/JDK 8+ installed and configured properly, so JAVA_HOME variable points to correct Java home folder.

Developing an audio application WaveBeans is written on Kotlin, but it is compatible with all other JVM languages – Java, Scala, etc.

If you want to use WaveBeans in your application just add it as a maven dependency. Here is what you would need to add into your build.gradle file:

Register the new maven repository the WaveBeans is hosted in:

repositories {
    maven {
        name = "Bintray WaveBeans"
        url = uri("")

Register WaveBeans exe and lib main libraries, you may not need exe if you won’t be using execution capabilities, please find most recent version in Release Notes:

dependencies {
    implementation "io.wavebeans:exe:$WAVEBEANS_VERSION"
    implementation "io.wavebeans:lib:$WAVEBEANS_VERSION"

Optionally you may be required to add regular kotlin runtime dependency if you don’t have it:

dependencies {
    implementation "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jdk8"

And start using it. Just create kotlin-file like this:

import io.wavebeans.execution.*

fun main() {
    // describe what you want compute
    val out = 440.sine()
            .toMono16bitWav("file://" + File("sine440.wav").absoluteFile)

    // this code launches it in single threaded mode,
    // follow execution documentation for details
    LocalOverseer(listOf(out)).use { overseer ->
        if (!overseer.eval(44100.0f).all { it.get() }) {
            println("Execution failed. Check logs")

For more API capabilities follow documentation


WaveBeans uses slf4j for logging, but it doesn’t provide the default logging engine when it is being used inside application. You would need to configure it properly on your own.